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Can I post a need anonymously?

A buyer can search anonymously but a user profile needs to be created in order to post a need. A buyer can chose to generate a targeted list of potential suppliers, or the request can go to all the suppliers. 17 Ways suppliers will be notified and can respond to the request.

I am not tracking my progress to any SDG. How can I participate in the 17 Ways marketplace?

You do not need to be an SDG impact business to purchase from 17 Ways sellers in the marketplace. If you want to become a 17 Ways seller, go to the SDG Action Manager at and select one or more SDGs to start tracking.

Do I need to be certified to use 17 Ways?

No. Anyone is welcome to search sellers on 17 Ways and anyone is welcome to post a need or a request for purchase. Only the companies that meet your chosen SDGs or certifications will receive an alert that you are looking to buy something.