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Syracuse, NY


Metis Consulting Group is a woman-owned, disabled-owned (DOBE) Public Benefit Corporation and certified B Corp specializing in custom software development, systems integration, and management consulting.

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*Strategic planning, business intelligence modeling, ghostwriting, facilitation, and negotiation, including remote coaching and team training solutions

*Database scaling, performance tuning, and security audits
Integration Solutions for Web Applications, CRM, ERP, and Legacy Systems, quickly adapted for distributed and remote environments

*Bulk Email Applications to communicate reliably with your customers and teams

*Electronic Marketing to ensure business continuity through targeted Market Segmentation, Personalization, Message Tracking/Reporting, Opt-In and Anti-Spam Compliance

*Content Management Systems and Site Builders with design-ready or custom solutions

*Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations

*Enterprise IT Strategy and Full Stack Development

*Deep expertise in Travel and HR/Organizational Development


  • Software Development/Integration, MarTech, and Management Consulting
  • Metis_Core_Capabilities-June_2021.pdf

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