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Product or Service Categories


17 Ways connects SDG impact companies and multinationals for purpose-driven purchasing.

Purpose-Driven Buyers

Post a need and choose suppliers based on the products or services they offer and on the SDG areas you want to impact. You can also choose to search/sort by certifications. Appropriate companies will be alerted about your opportunity, but your information will be kept secure so you can decide how to engage and you won’t be overwhelmed by potential suppliers.

Impact Sellers

Now it’s easy to be found by companies looking to purchase from businesses that are aligned with the SDG areas your company is working to impact. And 17 Ways helps you connect with other like-minded companies to create partnerships and do business together.

Third-Party Partners and Allies

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outline 17 Ways companies can contribute to a sustainable planet and society. All the companies on 17 Ways choose which of the SDGs align with their mission. Many companies are additionally identified by third party certifications; we are actively working with these certifiers to develop measurement and reporting tools.